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WEA300 Series – Dual Radio 802.11n Wi-Fi Access Points

The Samsung WEA300 series are dual radio two/ three spatial 802.11n access points that deliver data rates of 300/ 450 Mbps to enable high performance Wi-Fi in high density environments. Compact and powerful, these access points ensure ultimate coverage, easy management and a secure wireless network. The WEA300 series includes a range of indoor Wi-Fi access points supporting a wide variety of deployment scenarios ideal for small and medium size enterprises.

The WEA 300 series access points are available with both internal and external antenna models, providing enterprises greater reliability and higher performance in a highly dense and demanding environment. The access points support easy management through plug and play deployment, scalability, built-in dedicated security sensors and seamless connectivity.

50% More Throughput, 50% More Concurrent Voice Calls, 24% CAPEX Savings

Key features

Greater Performance

The WEA 300 series access point leverages IBSA smart antenna technology and an optimal RF pattern with multiple physical antennas to minimize dead zones, delivering greater coverage and optimized services and throughput fairness when multiple devices concurrently connect to an AP.

High Reliability with Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The WEA 300 series access point self-organizes to interferences and has a dedicated security RF monitoring chip embedded independently of the RF service chip for continuous real-time monitoring of data service – enabling double digit CAPEX savings.

Richer Unified Communications

The WEA 300 series access point leverages patented traffic scheduling technology (VaTS) that enhances enterprise unified communications and provides higher concurrent voice over Wi-Fi session capacity per access point by efficiently transmitting voice frame to multiple devices.

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