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WEA400 Series – Indoor and Outdoor Dual Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi Access Points

The Samsung WEA400 series access points enable the next generation of enterprise Wi-Fi networking, offering improved user experience with noticeably higher throughput, more capacity, and less interference, while providing easy and reliable management.

The WEA400 series includes a range of indoor and outdoor 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points supporting a wide variety of deployment scenarios for small and medium size businesses to the largest enterprise as well as public venue environments.

30% More Coverage, 40% More Throughput, 50% More Concurrent Voice Calls, 30% CAPEX Savage
With a combination of 802.11ac standard and Samsung’s innovative smart antenna solution, patented traffic schedule technology, and built-in security modules, the Samsung 400 series access points provide enterprises secure and seamless connectivity, greater performance, and richer communication experience to a large number of devices being used simultaneously. Higher network speeds of WEA400 series allow users to get on and off the network quickly, which conserves batteries and maximizes airtime for all user devices.

Key features

Reliable Connectivity

Guaranteed throughput fairness, with Samsung APs maximizing cell throughput by 40% or more compared to competitors.

Guaranteed Coverage

Optimal RF pattern with multiple physical antennas to minimize dead zones, delivering 30% greater coverage by automatically selecting a beam for each environment.

Optimized Mobility

Adoption of LTE handover for seamless voice calls and video streaming, and guaranteed throughput two-times more when compared with traditional Wi-Fi handover.

Richer Communications

Patented traffic scheduling technology that increases concurrent voice over Wi-Fi capacity by 50% over competitors by efficiently transmitting voice frame to multiple devices.

Embedded Security

Dedicated security RF monitoring chip embedded independently of the RF service chip for continuous real-time monitoring of data service.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Maximum RF sensing performance coupled with low design costs through automatic adjustment of transmission power and channel switches.

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