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WEA463e Series – Outdoor Mesh 802.11ac Wi-Fi Access Points

The Samsung WEA463e is the industry’s most compact and fastest 802.11ac outdoor access point with wireless mesh capability. The WEA463e enables wireless connections in outdoor environments , while also eliminating the physical restrictions of wired backhaul and reducing the overall cost of deployment without compromising the security and reliability of a wired network. With an environmental protection rating of IP67, the Samsung outdoor mesh access point is protected from dust and debris and can be submerged in water up to one meter for up to 30 minutes. At 2.8kg, and only 58mm thick, the product can be easily transported and installed.

Whether a sports venue is looking to engage fans at its tailgate party, a resort wants to provide the ultimate connected experience to its guests, or an assisted living facility needs to assure the safety of senior residents by tracking their location anywhere on the premise– the Samsung WEA463e access point provides high performance wireless connectivity.. With several mounting options available using vertical installation, the WEA 463e access point can be deployed in diverse outdoor environments such as outdoor parking lots, parks, large scale outdoor public events, university campuses, and outdoor transportation hubs such as shipyards and harbors.

The strengths of WEA 463e access point lies in its wireless mesh routing capability that assures minimum latency and high reliability by selecting an optimized path based on link quality and number of hops; and assures automatic recovery by routing around link failures or link degradations caused by RF interference. With a combination of smart routing and Samsung’s innovative smart antenna solution, patented traffic schedule technology, and strong mobile network expertise, the Samsung WEA 463e access point provides enterprises secure and seamless connectivity, greater performance, and richer communication experience to a large number of devices in the toughest outdoor environments.

Key features

  • Compact making it easy to mount in challenging outdoor deployments. Lightweight and easy to install on a variety of mount options. Simplifies assessment of backhaul link quality using Received Signal-Strength Indicator (RSSI) LED
  • Strong security with encrypted connection between clients and APs and access point authorization via RADIUS server
  • High redundancy with multi-root mesh access points
  • Air Time based link metric to select appropriate node with increased accuracy
  • Configurable client access on backhaul radio
  • Provision of mesh service regardless of network topology (controller based or local switching)
  • Efficient wireless LAN resource usage through the local bridging

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