ut880-right_apacCommunication systems are evolving every day, helping to streamline offices and make daily work flow more efficient.

TruComm is now installing business phone systems with the latest reinvented office desktop phones. The UT800 is a traditional desktop phone and Android tablet integrated into one device!

> Full seven inch color display with multi-touch capabilities
> USB port
> Multiline SIP client that emulates any NEC telephone
> Open interface for application development
> NEC platform voice functionality and hands-free, wide-band speakerphone
> Integrated Bluetooth capability
> Built-in camera for pictures and video applications.

A key benefit to this new style of desktop phone is that simple software updates is all that’s required to keep your phones current. Protecting your investment well into the future without the need to purchase new phones.

For more information contact TruComm at sales@TruComm.com or call 619.873.2808.

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